BHRT Services

At triangle NC BHRT, we offer a wide variety of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy services. BHRT is all about restoring your body to the historical hormone levels that have allowed it to flourish – until recently. The new “normal” levels of hormones in your body are often far from the levels that even your parents had at the same age. And how do your levels compare to those experienced by your grandparents? You can probably guess. They barely can compare. But that is where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy comes in. We can get a plan going and work on getting your levels back up to where you need them to be.

What do these hormones do?

For both men and women, the levels of hormones in our bodies control many things from our cardiovascular system and nervous system to how our immune system reacts to things – and some of the diseases to which a body may be susceptible. Hormones strengthen our bodies at the cellular level.  They’ll allows all the parts of your body to run more efficiently, think of it properly oiling a machine.

How will BHRT help me?

Day to Day Benefits

theraphyYou will be providing your body the elements it needs, to not only handle daily stresses, but to flourish while doing it. It’s all about aging gracefully. Well, as gracefully as one can. BHRT is not the answer to eternal youth or a panacea for poor habits, but there are many noticeable benefits to maintaining consistent hormone levels in the human body. You will have found much of the equation that will truly allow you to “age gracefully”, maintain an healthy and vibrant life – well beyond what might otherwise be expected.

Energy levels can be maintained at a higher level, sex drive will continue, “brain fog” can disappear and memory can become much more succinct. Just not running out of juice halfway through the day will be a blessing for most patients, that really gets old. Understand, you won’t be running around like a 5 year old, but the improvement in energy levels WILL be noticeable. Very noticeable. This all needs to be done in unison with YOU taking the initiative to work out and work hard, hormones alone can’t do all of the work!

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