Service Areas

We cover a large portion of central North Carolina, and even beyond that! Hormone replacement therapies shouldn’t just be available to those who happen to live near or in big markets like Raleigh. We think that everyone should be able to enjoy the spoils of what BHRT has to offer!

Put a Pep Back in Your Step

Many people find themselves in a constant state of fatigue, overwhelmed and with a variety of symptoms that just cannot be easily resolved.  Maybe you’ve tried going to bed a bit earlier, an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon, a quick pick-me-up snack… And you still feel exhausted. It seems like things just don’t work as smoothly as they did just a few years ago. If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms you find listed anywhere, BHRT could be just the things to get you feeling like you used to when you were younger all over again!

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is an effective all natural therapy using hormones that are identical to the hormones made by your body. Bio-identical hormones are plant-based and natural, as opposed to synthetic hormones, which are completely foreign to the human body. There are many benefits to only using natural hormones, and we know that they’re well worth it.

The Goal of BHRT

healthyThe goal of Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy  is to get your body back to the hormone levels it was initially designed to maintain. As long as hormone levels have been tested, they have been falling. Only recently a new “normal” was declared. Unfortunately that normal level is considerably lower than it has been in the past. At triangle NC BHRT we don’t want you to be at the normal low levels everyone else is, we want you to be where your body SHOULD be! Our ancestors have flourished with a certain hormone level in the past and with each successive generation, those levels are dropping.  This drop is at the root of MANY physiological issues. Listed below are our service areas, the big places that we cover.